Price Update for Noticeably Healthy Hair

If you’ve come to visit me already, you’ll know that I am a huge healthy hair advocate. I am in the business of keeping the hair on your head as happy as possible, and I would never push your hair to its breaking point.

This is why I’ve decided to add Amika’s Virgin Hair Bond Multiplier treatment to all of my lightening services. Initially, this treatment was a $30 upgrade, but after watching countless heads of hair transform in my sink, I believe this treatment is a MUST for anyone who is wanting to lighten their hair.

I won’t bore you with the details of how this treatment works; just know that your hair will feel and look better and stronger than when you walk through my door. If you’re interested in the details though, just ask! I LOVE nerding out over the science of hair!

So, going forward, if you’re booking a Balayage lightening session or a highlighting session with me, the price will be $30 more than my previous price, which reflects the addition of Amika’s Virgin Hair Bond Multiplier treatment. I have adjusted my price list to update this change.

Have you tried Amika’s Virgin Hair Bond Multiplier treatment with me? If so, how did you like it?

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